Who we are

Bakehouse was founded in 1989, with the aim of 'making exclusive food inclusive'. After many years of double-digit growth, the company has far surpassed this vision. We are now the UK’s leading supplier and innovator of Continental bake-off products.

What we do

Our wide range includes melt-in-the-mouth Danish pastries, buttery viennoiserie, tempting Continental savouries and versatile speciality breads. These are all designed to be baked straight from frozen, as we believe that bakery is all about freshness and bake-off offers the ultimate in quality and freshness to the consumer.

We also offer a selection of thaw & serve options where this delivers the best quality at the point of sale.

How we do it

Our suppliers are Europe’s leading bakery specialists, each of whom represents a ‘centre of excellence’ for the type of pastry or bread that they produce. We work closely with each of these specialists to develop the finest quality products – enabling us to offer a wide range of innovative and premium products to the UK market.

For more information or to request a brochure, drop us an email on or call freephone 0800 2340434