Sopexa UK

Sopexa UK

Sopexa UK - 360 degree communications and marketing for French food and wine products

Sopexa UK, the British subsidiary of Sopexa Groupe, is a privately owned PR, marketing and promotions agency specialising in French food and wine. A unique agency with 50 yrs experience, we offer expertise both from the home market of the products and clients we represent and the market in which we operate. We deliver different missions for different clients, from promotions, events and press relations to commercial intelligence.

Our food clients include French apples, glacé cherries, guinea fowl, French summer fruits and cheese as well as a host of wine clients including the generic French wines campaign and several individual regions such as the Loire and the South West of France.

Sopexa Groupe, with an HQ in Paris, operates across 28 markets with 35 offices.

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