The Royal Wedding did not ease the financial strain for many hotels

Hotels suffering critical financial distress soar by 47%

By Becky Paskin

The number of hotel business suffering from ‘critical’ financial problems has soared by 47 per cent in the last quarter, as a result of low consumer confidence and a continued cautious attitude to leisure spend.

The number of small hotel and leisure businesses failing has dropped

Number of hospitality insolvencies fall

By Becky Paskin

Business looks brighter for small restaurant, pub and hotel operators, with the number of insolvencies over the past year having fallen by almost 5 per cent.

Charlie McVeigh feels the budget has let him and other pub businesses down

Budget 2011: How will it affect hospitality businesses?

By Becky Paskin

Pub operators were disappointed to hear that Chancellor George Osborne planned to continue with the beer tax escalator in his budget, increasing duty by 7.5 per cent, but his measures are to affect more hospitality businesses than just pubs.

CBI: Consumer demand is unlikely to pick up

CBI: Consumer service firms continue to struggle

By Mark Wingett

Consumer service firms, such as restaurants and hotels, continued to struggle in the three months to February, as the gap in sentiment between firms that rely on consumer spending and those that benefit from business investment widened during the period.

Smaller businesses are most likely to struggle

6,300 bars, pubs and restaurants to close by 2015

By Martyn Leek

Two new studies released today have claimed that 6,300 pubs, bars and restaurants will fail by 2015 and that some 6,685 companies in the leisure sector are currently struggling with “significant or critical” financial problems of £57.5bn

Gordon Ramsay is seeing a dramatic rise in profits on last year

Gordon Ramsay near-doubles profits

By Martyn Leek

The business enterprise of Gordon Ramsay is reported to have made a profit of £4.2m in the 11 months to August, up from £2.47m the year before