Hobart's new warewashers aim to help operators save time and money

New hood-type warewashers by Hobart

By Melodie Michel

Hobart is launching new versions of its Premax AMX and AUP hood-type warewashers to help operators save time and money while providing better cleaning.   

Keeping beer lines clean will help you serve the perfect pint


How to keep beer fresh

By Emma Eversham

With cask ales back in growth, publicans will be looking to stock more of them, but what is the best way to keep beer? Conrad Boucher of automated beer line cleaning system Beer Piper, underlines the importance of keeping beer lines clean to ensure pubs...

Clever dishwasher copes with washload

Clever dishwasher copes with washload

By Becky Paskin

Dawson’s latest dishwasher can cope with the dirtiest of wash loads, and is so clever it can even text a technician should it breakdown

Wash 'n Walk Floor Cleaner

Wash 'n Walk Floor Cleaner

By Ecolab

A revolutionary new floor clener which digests the greasy build-up on floors and is proven to increase the friction of clippery kitchen quarry tiles to help reduce accidents.