Peter Marks saved bar and nightclub operator Luminar from administration in December 2011

Nightclubs ‘easy target’ for high crime rates, says Luminar boss

By Luke Nicholls

Peter Marks, chief executive of nightclub operator Luminar, has claimed that late-night venues have become an ‘easy target’ for local authorities and the police when it comes to reducing crime rates, as an increase in phone thefts is shadowing a significant...

Sergeant Adrian Haley of the Westminster Borough Hotel Liaison team has revealed his top tips for hoteliers to avoid crime and urged regional hotels to the new service London Hotelwatch

Hotel crime: Police reveal top tips for hoteliers

By Peter Ruddick

Following the launch of the London Hotelwatch network, the police is urging regional hotels from across the country to join the service while revealing to BigHospitality the top tips hotels can take to tackle crime.

Police: concerns over approach to licensees

Police pub clampdown is ‘abuse’

By Graham Ridout

Licensees are being threatened with arrest and pubs with closure in a clampdown by police forces across the country, which has been labelled “an abuse”.