The Mayor of London said training and apprenticeship initiatives like these are 'the way forward' for the industry

Hospitality 'walks the talk' on job creation

By Luke Nicholls

Following another successful National Apprenticeship Week for the hospitality industry, a number of other hotels, restaurants and pubs have since stepped up to the plate to offer training and apprenticeship initiatives of their own.

The new code of conduct could save publicans in tenanted pubs £100m a year

Statutory code for pubs: Demand for action grows

By Luke Nicholls

The debate over a Statutory Code of Conduct for pubs, which proponents argue would improve the pubco-tenant relationship, has taken another turn this week, with a number of individuals, companies and industry bodies speaking out about the issue.

People 1st is concerned that the changes may make it harder to attract more people into skilled hospitality jobs

Apprenticeship reform: Will it help hospitality?

By Luke Nicholls

The Government’s announcement that it is putting the development and implementation of apprenticeships at the hands of employers has been welcomed by People 1st, but the sector skills council fears that the models developed in other sectors will not be...

Last orders? The Government is contemplating whether to enable targeted, local alternatives to personal licences

Personal licences: Should they be scrapped?

By Luke Nicholls

The Government has this month launched a consultation into whether personal licences should be abolished, enabling licensing authorities to apply relevant conditions to premises licences where appropriate. 

It might not be a comprehensive dictionary for publicans, but our A-Z of Pubs and Bars is a handy guide on some of the key terms and trends in the fast-moving industry

The A-Z of Pubs and Bars

By Peter Ruddick

While publicans might not be faced with as baffling a list of acronyms as hoteliers or as driven by fashion as some restaurateurs, our handy A-Z glossary of key industry terms and trends is a must-read for those looking to make a few pounds from a few...