Steak restaurants are set to become popular in 2011

Food trends 2011: Popular cuisines

By Becky Paskin

British diners have become more aware than ever of their expanding waistline and shrinking pockets, shifting their taste for out-of-home dining towards lighter, healthier meals that give value for money.

The Food Standards Agency will now focus solely on food safety issues

Food Standards Agency survives government cull

By Becky Paskin

Following speculation last week that the Food Standards Agency would be axed, the government has today announced the industry body will continue running, but without its responsibilities for nutrition and labelling

La Tasca's healthier choices menu  is expected to appeal principally to its female customers, who make up 65% of its customer base

La Tasca highlights healthier dishes on menu

By Emma Eversham

La Tasca is highlighting healthier dishes on its spring/summer menu following calls from diners for help in identifying which of the restaurant chain's dishes had less fat and salt in

Leon will be putting nutritional information online this year and could put it on menus in restaurants in the future

Leon to put calorie information online

By Stefan Chomka

Healthy fast-food chain Leon is putting the nutritional content of its dishes, including how much fat and calories each contains on its website

The Tories say they want calories displayed on menus at businesses  with 15 or more outlets

Conservatives push for more calorie labelling in restaurants and pubs

By Emma Eversham

The Conservative Party has said it wants to push forward with the Food Standards Agency's efforts to get restaurants to display nutrional information on menus and will do away with unit labels on alcohol if it gets into power at the next General...

Bladen Lighter can be used in a wide range of dishes

Milk Link launches low fat Bladen cheddar

By Becky Paskin

Milk Link Foodservice has launched a new range of Bladen Lighter cheeses, which contain 30 per cent less fat than the brand’s standard cheddar


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