The Thermomix now comes with a recipe chip which holds a cookbook of digital recipes

Vorwerk launches 5th generation Thermomix

By Lauren Houghton

Vorwerk has launched the TM5, its fifth multiple function Thermomix model for kitchens, bringing the machine ‘into the digital age’. 

The Pacojet 2 has a range of upgraded features, such as a quieter motor and more precise measuring

Pacojet 2 is launched, first upgrade in 25 years

By Emma Eversham

Cheftools, the UK importer of food preparation machine Pacojet, has launched a new and improved model - the Pacojet 2 - the first since the product came to the market 25 years ago. 

Michel Roux's Sauces will be published on 2 October

Michel Roux revises classic Sauces cookbook

By Marta Karcz

A new and revised edition of Michel Roux’s Sauces is to be released this week with a fresh look at recipes from the classic cookbook published a decade ago

Delia and Jamie dethrone Nigella

Delia and Jamie dethrone Nigella

By Becky Paskin

Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver take the crowns as best-selling cookery book authors of the year, knocking Nigella Lawson off her throne