Zero Waste Scotland works with businesses, communities, individuals and local authorities to help them reduce waste, recycle more and use resources sustainably

Zero Waste could save Scottish hospitality billions

By Luke Nicholls

Zero Waste Scotland has welcomed new proposals outlined by the Scottish Government to increase recycling collections from businesses, which could in effect save Scottish businesses millions of pounds.

Dealing with food and other waste in the right way could save your business money


How to cut waste disposal costs

Most hospitality businesses strive to operate sustainably and cut their waste, but if waste disposal costs increase then the financial strain could outweigh the environmental benefits. Eoin Harris, senior practioner at the National Industrial Symbiosis...

Recycling food waste could be made mandatory under the proposals

Government proposal forces businesses to recycle

By Becky Paskin

A proposal to ban sending recyclable items such as food, cardboard, cans and glass to landfill may mean restaurants, pubs and hotels that do not currently recycle, will be forced to do so