TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site, with more than 150 million reviews left in 2013

Attack of the TripAdvisors: Should review websites allow anonymity?

By Luke Nicholls

Review website TripAdvisor has reiterated that blackmail from customers is ‘strictly against guidelines’ after a Yorkshire-based restaurateur claimed reviewers were threatening to leave negative comments unless they received a free meal at one of his...

People posting overtly negative or even false and defamatory reviews on TripAdvisor has been a problem for many members of the industry

TripAdvisor: Where do we go from here?

By Luke Nicholls & Emma Eversham

Reviews website TripAdvisor has angered some members of the industry who feel the website does not do enough to protect businesses who find themselves victims of false or defamatory reviews.

TripAdvisor comes under attack from disgruntled restaurant operators

TripAdvisor admits to lacking customer service

By Lorraine Heller

The online review site TripAdvisor has admitted that its contact process for businesses to report fraudulent reviews has been lacking, as the threat of legal action still looms from disgruntled restaurant operators.