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Steven Ellis on his new pub Oxford Blue

The former Restaurant Gordon Ramsay chef talks working with Clare Smyth, Michelin, pubs and the glory of game.

The top 5 stories in hospitality this week 23/05 - 27/05

What were some of the top stories in hospitality this week? Here's our pick.

Ex-Lockhart chef to open Butifarra Peruvian restaurant in Soho

A former Lockhart chef is to launch a new Peruvian street food restaurant in Soho.

Reinventing the carvey: New cashless concept eyes 30 sites

A former London barrister's clerk is planning to modernise the carvery concept with a new cashless restaurant group.

Birmingham named UK's fastest growing tourist destination

Birmingham saw the largest increase in international visits outside London last year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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Make it Perfect with Red Bull and Give Your Profits Wings

Research by Red Bull suggests that by ensuring pubs deliver the perfect serve every time, they can increase sales by up to 21%. Achieving this is simple, it comes down to just four steps