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New Pizza Express app lets diners pay bill using iPhone

2 commentsBy Becky Paskin , 17-Jun-2011
Last updated on 17-Jun-2011 at 13:21 GMT2011-06-17T13:21:34Z

Pizza Express' bill-paying technology could revolutionise the way diners pay their bills in the future

Pizza Express' bill-paying technology could revolutionise the way diners pay their bills in the future

Pizza Express has become the first UK restaurant chain to launch a ‘groundbreaking’ iPhone app that allows diners to pay their bill via their smartphone.

Diners can use the free-to-download app to pay their bill at any point during their meal using their PayPal account or an existing debit or credit card.

Users simply need to type in a 12-digit code printed on their bill and have the option to add a tip or redeem a voucher before payment.

Once payment has been processed, in less than a minute according to Pizza Express, a message is sent to the restaurant’s EPoS system and an email to the user confirming payment.

Its launch coincides with the rollout of free Wi-Fi and upgraded EPoS facilities across the Italian restaurant chain’s 370-site UK estate.

If successful, the app could revolutionise the way diners pay their restaurant bills in the future.

Mark Angela, chief executive of PizzaExpress said: “We knew there was no point just launching an app for the sake of it, so we waited until we had a system that could genuinely improve our customers’ experience of eating out at PizzaExpress. We believe today’s version does exactly that and we’re looking forward to developing it in the future.”

'Groundbreaking' technology

Operationally, the new app enables Pizza Express to speed up the payment process, therefore turning tables faster, and collect contact details for future marketing purposes.

The app also allows users to find and book a restaurant, view menus, download voucher codes and access receipts.

Cameron McLean, general manager for Merchant Services at PayPal, said, “Over a million UK PayPal customers have made a payment on their handset so combining our payments experience with PizzaExpress’s ground breaking app should be a perfect combination. The line between the high street and the online world is blurring, and innovative brands like PizzaExpress recognise that payment by mobile makes a great service even better.”

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Stephen re pizza Express App

Pizza Express App-
Well on first look seems impressive but fails on so many fronts, book your table now try to unbook it or change times, you can't. Menu is static so can't view the menu in a classic way. Book as many tables as you like from your phone, you can, it can’t block you!
Can't pre order or select. No CRM or Loyalty built in. I recently locked out 5 tables in my local for fun, including a table of if we all do this guess alot of managers will lose their bonus's as they wait for fictitious customers to arrive at the reserved tables.

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Posted by stephen minall
25 June 2011 | 13h142011-06-25T13:14:07Z

Great App

WOW! will that spread to all the other restaurants?

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Posted by J C Johnson
18 June 2011 | 18h402011-06-18T18:40:08Z

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