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Art deco Gaggia espresso machine fuses technology with design

By Becky Paskin , 19-Sep-2011
Last updated on 19-Sep-2011 at 09:47 GMT2011-09-19T09:47:36Z

The Gaggia Deco D espresso machine is available in both red and grey

The Gaggia Deco D espresso machine is available in both red and grey

Espresso machine manufacturer Gaggia has launched a new art deco model, the Deco D, designed to merge modern technologies with classic design.

Available through numerous dealers nationwide, the Deco D model features a ‘turbo-charged’ steam wand that can heat a litre of milk in 40 seconds, simple push button controls and a multi-function display.

The Deco D is available in a variety of sizes, the smallest unit of which can brew four shots of coffee simultaneously from a 13-litre boiler, achieving 300 espresso shots per hour.

David Lawlor, managing director of Watermark, marketer of Gaggia in the UK, said: "The coffee sector is hugely competitive and the Deco is designed to give operators a real edge in the high street.

“It is authentic and combines aesthetics with functionality. On the one hand it is very easy to use, so even untrained staff can brew a perfect cup of coffee. At the same time, features like the adjustable pre-infusion enable a Barista to control the brewing precisely, helping them to create their signature beverages.”

The Deco D is available in either grey or red, measuring 765mm x 535mm x 570mm.

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