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Ruby World Cup 2015 hailed as big opportunity for hospitality

19-Sep-2014 - VistEngland has described the Rugby World Cup 2015 as a 'tremendous opportunity' for tourism and hospitality, with hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars in host cities set to benefit from a big...

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Mobile-optimised websites ‘crucial’ for restaurants

19-Sep-2014 - New consumer research suggests that the majority of diners are still frustrated with restaurant websites, with online menus causing the most annoyance.

Data and technology may change how we ‘do’ hospitality

18-Sep-2014 - Advanced technology and new ways of gathering data on customers could help restaurants run in a more informed way, an industry expert has advised.

#SocialRestaurant: 78% of negative tweets posted while customers are inside restaurants

17-Sep-2014 - Restaurants should regularly monitor Twitter because the vast majority of negative tweets are left while customers are still in the restaurant and could be sorted there and then, an expert...

Premiumisation drives on-trade drinks market

17-Sep-2014 - Sparkling wine sales have continued their impressive growth, with Champagne also showing strong upward movement, according to the latest market report from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

More work needed to improve customer service, says People 1st

16-Sep-2014 - Hospitality employees are still falling short when it comes to customer service, according to new research from People 1st.

Innovative ice cream flavours driving demand, finds study

16-Sep-2014 - Diners are increasingly moving away from traditional ice cream flavours in favour of ‘weird and wonderful’ varieties, according to new research from Amore di Gelato.

PwC predicts further hotel growth in 2015

15-Sep-2014 - Analyst PwC has reported a strong start to 2014 for both London and regional hotels, and expects to see further growth next year as a result of further economic recovery...

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Restaurants see steady growth in August

12-Sep-2014 - Despite the cooler weather, restaurants in the UK saw a 17th consecutive month of growth this August, according to Coffer Peach Business Tracker.

Special report

Scottish independence: what impact on hospitality?

12-Sep-2014 - As Scotland draws closer to its historic vote on independence, BigHospitality takes a look at the potential impact of a yes vote on the Scottish hospitality sector.

British pub groups report positive performance

12-Sep-2014 - Pub groups the Peach Pub Company and J D Wetherspoon plc have released their results for the year, with turnovers looking positive.

Mixed growth for restaurants and pubs

12-Sep-2014 - Restaurants and pubs are forecast to grow, despite continued pressure in terms of outlets and value over the next few years, according to Allegra Foodservice.

International buyers boost hotel investment market

12-Sep-2014 - Foreign investors are boosting the hotel property market, particularly in the West, according to real estate agency Colliers International.

Inbound visits reach another record

11-Sep-2014 - The first seven months of 2014 saw 7 per cent more visits to the UK from overseas residents than in the same period the year before, according to the latest...

Consumers ditch healthy choices when eating out

11-Sep-2014 - The healthy eating trend observed in recent years experienced strong decline in Q2 2014, with almost half of consumers seeing eating out as a treat, according to the latest Eating...

News in brief

Increase in apprenticeship applications could benefit hospitality industry

11-Sep-2014 - A survey carried out on the behalf of hotel operator Accor has shown apprenticeships are growing more popular, with the Apprenticeship Index showing a 43 per cent increase in apprenticeship...

Customers more satisfied with fast food than full-service restaurants

11-Sep-2014 - Quick-service restaurants are outperforming full-service restaurants in terms of customer satisfaction for the first time, according to the latest National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI-UK).

August insolvency risk drop shows restaurant sector recovery

10-Sep-2014 - The number of restaurants at risk of insolvency has dropped nationwide, according to research by insolvency trade body R3.

'Megacities' enjoy strong ARR growth

10-Sep-2014 - Global hotel room rates continued to climb in the first half 2014, with the UK enjoying a ‘very positive’ six months, according to the latest Hotel Survey from Hogg Robinson...

Spending grows at restaurants, bars and hotels

09-Sep-2014 - Two new surveys have pointed to strong growth in the industry in August.

Britain's culture and heritage still major tourist draw

09-Sep-2014 - Britain’s culture and heritage is a key driver for inbound tourism, with food and drink an important part of the cultural package, according to a new report.

Traditional fish and chips still a hit for Brits

05-Sep-2014 - As The National Fish & Chip Awards draw closer, organiser Seafish has conducted research into fish and chip eating trends throughout the UK, with traditional takeaways and salt and vinegar...

Horsemeat scandal: Government to create Food Crime Unit

04-Sep-2014 - The government is set to create a Food Crime Unit following the recommendations published today in the Elliott review of the horsemeat scandal.

Hotel revPAR reaches pre-recession levels

04-Sep-2014 - Hotels in eight out of 12 UK cities included in the Hotel Bulletin for Q2 2014 achieved revenues per available room (revPAR) above pre-recession levels.

Ryder Cup sees Scottish hotel prices soar

04-Sep-2014 - Average hotel prices in Perth and Sterling have more than doubled for the Ryder Cup, while other hotels in Scotland have also see a price rise, according to hotel comparison...