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Dish Deconstructed: Adam Handling’s crab ravioli with apricot jelly and sea herbs

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Adam Handling is the highly-rated chef and restaurateur behind The Frog, a smash hit mini group with restaurants in Covent Garden and Shoreditch. In the below video, the 29-year-old Scotsman creates a dish of crab ravioli with apricot jelly and sea herbs.

Handling starts by cooking a whole brown crab in salted boiling water. He then makes a jelly with Les Vergers Boiron Apricot Purée and a little agar-agar and strains before leaving it to set in a thin layer on a non-stick baking mat. Handling then cuts out small circles to create a play on open ravioli.

Next, Handling picks down the crab and seasons simply with salt, chives and a little Les Vergers Boiron Apricot Purée straight from the carton. To plate, Handling lays a single circle of ravioli on a plate and tops with a delicate amount of the crab mixture before finishing with another disk of ravioli, a spoon of caviar and a garnish of mixed sea herbs.


Handling has devised a selection of sweet and savoury recipes to celebrate the launch of Les Vergers Boiron’s ambient fruit purees.

“Les vergers Boiron has such a strong reputation for quality in the professional kitchen, I was really excited when they asked me to work with the new ambient purees,” he says.

“I can create dishes speedily and with maximum flavour, and the biggest advantage for me is knowing that the fruits are picked and processed at their peak, so no matter what the season, I’m getting the best possible ripeness. The purees are always ready to hand, give 100 per cent yield, and have the convenience of a re-screwable carton, so for me they’re a real ‘no-brainer.”


To request a sample of Les Vergers Boiron Ambient Puree, and watch other recipe videos of the dishes and cocktails created by Adam and Tim LaFerla please click here

Other videos of the dishes and cocktails created by Handling and his team can be found here​ along with further information on the range and sample requests.

Les vergers Boiron Ambient Fruit Puree

Designed for exceptional convenience, Les Vergers Boiron new ambient purée range offers the best in flavour and quality with the highest fruit content on the market. The selection includes 10 top selling flavours; blackberry, raspberry, apricot, peach, pineapple, pear, passion fruit, mango, blood orange and strawberry.

The purees have no preservatives, no added flavourings, and no artificial colours, and are highly stable with a shelf life of 12 months before opening, and eight days in the fridge once opened.

The packaging, with six layers to protect the puree from oxygen and light, is designed for easy product identification, and has a large pouring cap which eliminates the need for transferring the puree to a squeeze bottle before use.

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