Fast hotel broadband considered top guest requirement

By Becky Paskin

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Hotels should aim to provide around 10MB broadband speed to each guest
Hotels should aim to provide around 10MB broadband speed to each guest
A good internet connection has been voted as just as important as a comfortable bed and decent bathroom facilities when it comes to hotel accommodation

A survey of 1,000 business travellers by communications specialist Quadriga found that 62 per cent deem a reliable broadband connection to be the most important commodity when staying in a hotel.

The service was rated as just as important as other more obvious luxuries, such as decent bathroom facilities (68 per cent) and a comfortable bed (70 per cent).

Marc Budie, technology director at Quadriga, said: “Today’s business traveller expects to find at least the same level of connectivity and technology in their hotel room as they have at home and work, to enable them to check emails, surf the internet and download content.”

Expensive practice

He suggests that hotels aim to provide at least 10MB broadband speed to each guest, the average available to homes in the UK, but admits this can be a costly exercise.

“For a 100-bedroom hotel this would mean supplying around 1GB of bandwidth, which is enormous and would be very expensive to achieve.
“Providing sufficient bandwidth at an acceptable cost level whilst keeping guests happy has always been a difficult balancing act for hoteliers. This is further fuelled by the move of some hotels to provide internet access for free to gain competitor advantage.”

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All very well but how…

Posted by NULL,

All very well but how do you find out what service providers there are out there who can provide your hotel/pub/restaurant with a broadband service to start with? Quadriga is mentioned but it would be good to be given a choice/comparison. This would be a good topic for BigHospitality?

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The practice of "free…

Posted by NULL,

The practice of "free to guest WiFi" ,whilst attractive, is really only desired by those that clearly do not understand the full implications to a hoteliers operating balance sheet, in other words, the guest. The guest will have the cost built into the room rate as there is no such thing as a free lunch, or indeed Breakfast! Far better would be to show an understanding of bandwidth demand and trends. In offering an intelligent bandwidth deployment in a property, a tier of bandwidth will offer guests much better service as the guest will choose the bandwidth that suits their needs and the hotelier can be confident that all users will get the bandwidth they need, whether that be free limited periods or indeed  limited bandwidth for those quick emails, right through to higher offerings for the media rich applications. After all, a poor free guest internet service is significantly worse than a property having no internet service at all. The important factor is an intelligent network that is sympathetic to changing needs of the guest, in particular the advent of convergence of Internet, IPTV and Voice.
With the falling cost of bandwidth, hoteliers really can offer next generation guest services today that mirror their guests home services, and even improve upon them, something they will happily pay for.

Kevin Palmer
isrighthere Ltd

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